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No More Shopping at Bulk Barn

Happy New Year! It’s been a while, and I have a story to share. On Wednesday we went to Bulk Barn. It’s kind of far from home but we had to be in the area, and we were excited to take advantage of the larger selection available there than where we usually buy our bulk […]

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No Garbage Thanksgiving Dinner

Last weekend was Thanksgiving, and I want to share a bit about what we were able to cook and what we learned. We cooked two sort-of traditional Thanksgiving dinners. I say sort-of traditional because we were only feeding a few people at a time, so instead of cooking a whole turkey, we cooked a complete […]

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No Garbage French Onion Soup

Joanie loves French Onion Soup, and I think it’s pretty good too, so last week when I saw this post on how to make it at home I wanted to try it out. The only problem was that I wanted to do a really good job and we didn’t have any beef stock, and hadn’t […]

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Our Menu is Coasting

A couple of weeks ago Joanie & I watched the entire season of The 100 Mile Challenge online. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a TV show that challenged families in Mission, BC, to eat only food from within 100 miles of their home for 100 days, (based on the book, The 100 Mile […]

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I bought a plastic bag… I feel so bad!

Everything was going well. Our garbage can had a few crumbs in it and we hadn’t bought any food with packaging. We decided to go to the poissonnerie to buy some shrimp in our own container. We were really excited to have shrimp! We went to the poissonnerie at Atwater market and asked to buy […]

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Should I be wrapped in plastic too?

Since we moved to Verdun, I’ve come under the impression that all food comes wrapped in plastic, and often on a little styrofoam tray. We live near a Metro, (the grocery store), a Provigo, an IGA, and some independent grocery stores. We went to explore them to see what we could buy without packaging. The […]

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I love the person who invented the concept of Bulk Shopping

For not making garbage, shopping in bulk is fabulous. You just have to have a bunch of smallish bags and you can do a whole grocery trip. Before going to the Atwater market for the first time I sewed some small bags using cloth from some old pants of John’s that had a big hole, […]

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Our First Grocery Shopping Trip at the Jean-Talon Market

Since we can’t buy any food that comes in packaging, the best place to go shopping is the market. We went to the Jean-Talon market here in Montréal armed with reusable bags and containers to carry the food that we were going to buy. Fruits & veggies were easy to fins without packaging but I […]

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