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No More Shopping at Bulk Barn

Happy New Year! It’s been a while, and I have a story to share. On Wednesday we went to Bulk Barn. It’s kind of far from home but we had to be in the area, and we were excited to take advantage of the larger selection available there than where we usually buy our bulk […]

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No Garbage Thanksgiving Dinner

Last weekend was Thanksgiving, and I want to share a bit about what we were able to cook and what we learned. We cooked two sort-of traditional Thanksgiving dinners. I say sort-of traditional because we were only feeding a few people at a time, so instead of cooking a whole turkey, we cooked a complete […]

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No Garbage French Onion Soup

Joanie loves French Onion Soup, and I think it’s pretty good too, so last week when I saw this post on how to make it at home I wanted to try it out. The only problem was that I wanted to do a really good job and we didn’t have any beef stock, and hadn’t […]

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Our Menu is Coasting

A couple of weeks ago Joanie & I watched the entire season of The 100 Mile Challenge online. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a TV show that challenged families in Mission, BC, to eat only food from within 100 miles of their home for 100 days, (based on the book, The 100 Mile […]

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Buying In Season Means Cheap Applesauce

At the market on Saturday we saw apples for a dollar a basket, and the basket was pretty large. We also had some apples at home already from our weekly vegetable basket, and since we’ve been getting a lot of apple recently we are tired of Apple Crisp. By combining $1 of apples from the […]

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Dumpster, or, Recycling Bag, Diving

The other day when Joanie went out to work she called me almost as soon as she left to tell me the neighbour had put out a bunch of books in the recycling. I went and checked and there were thirty-six books, and most of them are worth reading! I collected them and will read […]

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Tomatoes for Winter

We enjoy using tomatoes in our cooking. When it’s cold out a good chili or spaghetti with sauce really warms us up. Before we started living without garbage we would use fresh tomatoes when they were available, and cheap, and when we couldn’t easily find fresh tomatoes, or were too lazy to chop them, we […]

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Less Garbage Wedding

In planning our wedding we tried to keep it as low garbage as possible and make as much as we could ourselves, but in the end we ran out of time to make everything and had to buy a few things that came in packaging. We had a barbecue and made the burgers ourselves. Did […]

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We’re Back

Where did we go? Several places, but mostly to busy-land. Joanie & I got married in August and simply ran out of time to write. That doesn’t mean that we went back to our old garbage-making ways, (although there were a few moments during the honeymoon that we had to make more garbage than we […]

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