Our Menu is Coasting

A couple of weeks ago Joanie & I watched the entire season of The 100 Mile Challenge online. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a TV show that challenged families in Mission, BC, to eat only food from within 100 miles of their home for 100 days, (based on the book, The 100 Mile Diet). One of the things that happened on the show was that people figured out how to meet their basic food needs and then stopped exploring their options. We realized that we have done the same thing. There are a few things that we like eating and can eat easily without making any garbage, and that’s what we eat. BORING.

This isn’t exclusively a no-garbage problem, it happened to us before we stopped making garbage, and I’m sure it happens to other people as well. However, when you’re not making garbage it’s not quite as easy break up the boredom – you can’t easily grab takeout.

So, from here on in, we’re going to explore new frontiers of no-garbage eating. There are things we haven’t really figured out that we need to figure out. One such thing is meat – the only no-garbage meat we bought up until yesterday is sausage, and we can’t, (or shouldn’t), live exclusively on vegetarian food and sausage, so yesterday for the first time I bought a chunk of meat in a container. We want to find more sources of meat. Also fish. We haven’t had great success buying seafood so far. Also oil. We thought we had a place to buy olive oil in bulk lined up but they have stopped selling it, and the only other place we know of costs four times the price. There’s tons more to explore, so let the exploration begin!

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