Buying In Season Means Cheap Applesauce

At the market on Saturday we saw apples for a dollar a basket, and the basket was pretty large. We also had some apples at home already from our weekly vegetable basket, and since we’ve been getting a lot of apple recently we are tired of Apple Crisp. By combining $1 of apples from the market and the apples we had at home we had enough to make and can a good batch of applesauce that we can use later this winter.

A photo of our applesauce, canned in jars.

Ready for storage.

This applesauce, which cost us all of a dollar, and the tomatoes we just canned, really show the advantages of buying in season and preserving food. We realized yesterday that we should buy & preserve some cranberries right now as they’re in season, and if we want some around Christmas they’ll be really tough to get without packaging, so that will likely be next on the preservation list, well, cranberries or pumpkin.

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