Should I be wrapped in plastic too?

Since we moved to Verdun, I’ve come under the impression that all food comes wrapped in plastic, and often on a little styrofoam tray. We live near a Metro, (the grocery store), a Provigo, an IGA, and some independent grocery stores. We went to explore them to see what we could buy without packaging.

The aisle shines with plastic.

The first store we tried was the Metro. I almost fell over when I saw the aisle of fruits & vegetables. I thought that fruits & vegetables would be possible but I was wrong. All that we could buy without packaging was bananas, peppers, limes, and some tomatoes, but I must say that at least they had those.

Peppers, individually wrapped for your convenience.

After, we went to see the Provigo… (would you like some plastic with your plastic?). Even the peppers were individually wrapped. I couldn’t believe it.

Does your coconut need protection, or just organization?

Many of the independent grocery stores were just as bad. I don’t understand it. Does a turnip or an eggplant really need to be wrapped in plastic? How about a coconut? Still, we discovered a store close to us, “La branche d’olivier” that sells several things, (including a great selection of rice), in bulk. We bought some white sugar and corn flour in our bags.

I want to know who I can talk to to find out why the stores in my area behave like this and if it’s possible to change it.

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