I bought a plastic bag… I feel so bad!

Everything was going well. Our garbage can had a few crumbs in it and we hadn’t bought any food with packaging. We decided to go to the poissonnerie to buy some shrimp in our own container. We were really excited to have shrimp! We went to the poissonnerie at Atwater market and asked to buy some shrimp in our container. We were told that it’s not possible because they don’t use gloves there, so they use a plastic bag to pick up the fish, (or shrimp), then sell them in the bag. How disappointing!

We didn’t expect this response, so we bought the shrimp in the bag, (we had gone to the market expecting to buy shrimp), I felt terrible all evening. I feel like I’m a traitor. We had two whole weeks without making any garbage and now we have to start at zero. From now on I’ll be saying “No thanks, I’ll go elsewhere” if someone can’t serve me without garbage. I’ll feel better, and if there gets to be enough demand to be served without garbage maybe things will change a little.

I learned my lesson.

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