I love the person who invented the concept of Bulk Shopping

For not making garbage, shopping in bulk is fabulous. You just have to have a bunch of smallish bags and you can do a whole grocery trip. Before going to the Atwater market for the first time I sewed some small bags using cloth from some old pants of John’s that had a big hole, (I didn’t use the whole for my bags), and some ribbon left over from making costumes.

We bought some oats, nuts, flour, and sugar. They have everything! And the cashier said that she thought the bags were cute. The bulk store at Atwater market will become one of our main sources of food.

We also went to Première Moisson and asked them to wrap a loaf of bread in a, (clean), dishtowel that we had brought with us. They were a bit surprised at the request but had no problem doing it for us. Having bread with out packaging or a bag was as simple as asking.

We’ve started riding our bikes a lot more, so I also love that the Atwater market is 15 minutes away from our apartment on the bike path. We will need some good baskets for our bikes to make our journeys easier, but we’ve got to find them used. I’ll start looking on Craigslist to see if I can find some.

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