Monthly Archives: June 2010

We’ve Moved!

We moved everything in our car with the help of big Rubbermaid containers that we already had and one week’s worth of flyers that we brought back and forth between the old and new apartments to wrap up delicate items for each trip. And we’re finally in our new apartment! First, I am very proud […]

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Mountains of Stuff, (or, half your stuff is crap)!

We don’t realize how many things we collect until we move and have to get everything that we collected out of its hiding place. We knew that we had way to much stuff and were going to have to get rid of a bunch of it but we had no idea just how much stuff […]

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Here We Go!

For a while now, John, (my fiancé), and I have wanted to experience living differently. We’ve always been concerned about the environment and what we can do to save our planet. After having read the book No Impact Man we decided to have the same experience as the author, (Colin Beavan), but in our own […]

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