We can Compost!

Before we moved we lived in an apartment with a yard. In the yard we had made a nice little vegetable garden with, of course, a compost box. When we started composting I was really surprised to see that a large portion of our garbage was food that could be composted. Once we moved into a smaller apartment with no yard, so no compost box, we had a problem. We refused to throw our compostables in the garbage so had a big compost bucket, (one of those Rubbermaid containers again), waiting for us to find a solution.

I was upset to see that Verdun doesn’t compost collection since other cities like Westmount, and parts of NDG, have it.

We did the research and found a company here in Montréal that collects compost from homes once per week for about $20 a month. When springtime arrives they’ll deliver finished composted that we can use in our plants and gardens. They provide the containers and even put a new, compostable, bag in the container each time the collect our compost.

Not only do they help us by offering this service, but it allows us to support a local company. Everybody wins!

They’re called Compost Montréal, check them out at compostmontreal.com.

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