We’re Back

Where did we go? Several places, but mostly to busy-land. Joanie & I got married in August and simply ran out of time to write. That doesn’t mean that we went back to our old garbage-making ways, (although there were a few moments during the honeymoon that we had to make more garbage than we liked), it just means that we didn’t write about it.

The Wedding

We had a great wedding and tried to make as little garbage as possible. However, we fell short of our goal of a no-garbage wedding. I’ll write more about this soon.

Visiting Friends & Talking About No Garbage

After we were married we took a week to ourselves, then went out west to visit family & friends. It was a lot of fun. We made more garbage than we have in a long time – we’ll have to work out a strategy for travelling without making garbage – something more extensive than “We’ll bring our reusable coffee cups.” We visited both family and friends, and had an interesting response to our no garbage policy here at home.

We had dinner with some friends from high school and their families and talked about it a fair bit, and one of the questions that came up was “What would you do with that can of Coke?” (I was drinking some Coke – from a can), and the answer of “I wouldn’t buy it” was almost a surprise, but after the surprise wore off, (very quickly), the guy who asked saw that it made sense. This doesn’t mean that I can never have pop again, it just means that I have to go to a sit-down restaurant to have it, or get the whole syrup + carbonated water system set up at home, which I’m not about to do.

Since some of my friends have young children one of the other things that came up was cloth diapers. One of the families we were eating with has been using them on their first child, who is now just over a year old, and loves them. They were expensive initially, (I think they paid around $500 for their diapers), but they say they have more than made back their money when compared to disposables and the diapers are still very much in use. Their son will use them for a while still, (they’re super adjustable and will, or should, fit him until he no longer needs diapers), and if they have more children will see even more use.

So, that’s it, we’re back and I have a lot more to write about. Stay tuned, and to finish up, here’s the most garbage-y thing we ate on our trip:

Photo of the sign on the Japadog store

Yes, it's a Japadog

Photo of the Terimayo Japadog menu item at the Japadog store.

This is the one we ate.

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