Less Garbage Wedding

Our hands *with* rings.


In planning our wedding we tried to keep it as low garbage as possible and make as much as we could ourselves, but in the end we ran out of time to make everything and had to buy a few things that came in packaging.

We had a barbecue and made the burgers ourselves. Did buy the meat from Costco, so it came in styrofoam trays, but by buying from Costco we needed fewer trays than we would have needed elsewhere, and by buying meat and making the burgers we avoided all of the packaging that pre-made burgers come in. We also served sausages that we got from the place at Jean-Talon market that we like. I tried to order the buns for the burgers & sausages from a bakery, but in the end wasn’t able to and bought them, (8 to a bag), at the supermarket.

The things that we really ran out of time on were veggie platters, some salad components, and some fruit. We ended up getting those at Costco, so the veggie trays were single-use trays, salad dressing came in a jar, croutons in a bag, and fruit in a mesh bag.

Also, since this was a wedding, there was the matter of drinks. Beer & wine posed no garbage problem for us: beer bottles are returned to the store and wine bottles to Joanie’s family for refilling, (they made the wine), it was the non-alcoholic drinks that posed a problem. We ended up with a lot of cans of pop, which are now in our kitchen. Not no-garbage, but at least our guests weren’t thirsty. If we had had more time, or planned our time better, we would have tried to come up with a better solution, but as it was we were out of time.

After the wedding we found that we had prepared way too much food. Luckily, my father went out the next day and found a place that could use the perishable food and donated it to them. The rest we took home and have been slowly eating. As a result, we have more packaging in our apartment than we have had since we started our no garbage experiment.

Our apartment full of garbage after the wedding

Between the wedding garbage and the garbage our families bought while they were in town, this is what our apartment looked like when we were done.

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